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How Oyasell works.

Setup your digital services

Create pricing plans and portfolio for your services. All services in oyasell are delivered online when completed.

Receive orders from buyers

Buyers will be able to order and make payment for your services after selecting it as they shop.

Order processes

After a buyer makes payment for your services a pending order is created and the amount for the other is added to your earnings. You will be able to withdraw these earnings after you are done with the work and the buyer approves it. Contact support for more clarifications.


At the end of every month, or if you request, your earnings is paid into your account. The amount of your earnings is 80% of the order amount paid by buyers .Oyasell collects 20% for maintenance and keeping the site running.

Steps to Setup a Service.


The first step is to create a service you want to offer by selecting a category and enter a title. Example: I will create a website for your business.


You need to set a price for each of your service. We advice that you create all the services you offer seperately for proper pricing of each. You can choose to seperate the price for a service into three packages.


Buyers want to see the work you have done in the past. We strongly recommend that you upload files like photos, video or audio of your previous work. For a service to be approved there must be atleast one uploaded photo.

Description & FAQ

With description you can show why buyers need to buy your services or pass a helpful information across. With FAQ you can give answers to questions that potential buyers of your services are most likely to ask.


Here is where you state all the information you need from buyers to help you get started with your work.