Why You need to sell on oyasell

When you have a business, oyasell is a great tool to use. For two things, it's free and the primium it's easy on your budget, of which money is a big deal for most business owners. For another, it is easy to use. The key is to prepare your ad properly and it will be directed to the right audience.

Hands down, oyasell is the cheapest way to spread the word about your company in order to connect with your potential audience.

How to start selling on oyasell

below are the steps to start selling/advertising on oyasell.

1) Click on the sell button or start selling button on the top of the pages

2) Login or Create an account if you have not already done that

3) Verify your email if you have not already done that

4) Select appropriate category for your post

5) Enter post detail, including picture of what you want to sell or advertise

6) Submit your post and continue to premium for a higher sales ranking or weight for your post to be reviewed before publishing

Start selling immediately

How to Avoid fraud when buying

Oyasell is a big market where buying and selling takes place. Well some individuals always come to all selling platforms to try to be fraudulent. but we in oyasell are doing everything possible not to publish suspected advert or sales. To also strengthened this we have outlined the below to enture buyers and seller safety.

What to check when buying or selling

  1. Check out buyer/seller profiles or identity. Check the buyer's or seller's profile. Make sure they're located in an accessible location and see other platforms where you can investigate there profile.
  2. Too good to be true (too low price). We all want to save money when buying, but the idea here is to not go too far. If you come across an offer that seems too good to be true. For example, you can’t expect an iphone 8 to be sold for N20,000, even if there are claims why the seller is selling at that price you still have to do your proper investigation or totally avoid such unrealistic sales.
  3. Avoid advance payments. Infact this is suppose to be first on the list. Because one of the biggest red flags when it comes to buying wrongly is a seller asking for an advance payment. It could be for the item or to enture that the item get to you. The simple truth is don't ever pay in advance for anything.
  4. Meet the seller or buyer in a public location. When it gets to the point of meeting the seller or buyer, you need to be even more careful. First if possible dont go alone and ensure that the meeting is in a public location like a service station, restaurants, near by market etc. Avoid a secluded location for meeting.
  5. Inspect before payment. There are many frauds that involve the item you are buying itself. That is why you have to properly inspect the item before payment.